Camille Co

Our featured blog of the week is It’s Camille Co!


We chatted with Camille about some of her favorite things – learn all about this fashionista below!

What’s your favorite band? The Killers. Brandon Flowers is the best! I finally saw them live last year and it’s by far one of the best concerts I’ve been to!

Why did you start a blog? I actually started through Chictopia and first. When I made my accounts on these platforms, my primary reason was to promote my then online store, Coexist. But then as I started to get to know the community and upload my looks, I found myself enjoying it more and more. Until one day, I decided to start my own blog so that I can share more of my personal style and everything else that I love, not just 3 to 5 photos of my OOTDS. Now, I get to show more of my designs, style, travels and adventures. 

Who is your Sheroe? Probably Coco Chanel. She’s fashionable, fearless and fabulous.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Heels with no platforms. I love this comeback! It’s so sophisticated and feminine.

Favorite designer and why? Alexander McQueen. I covet each article of clothing. Every ensemble is comprehensive and theatrical–a true piece of art.

Favorite city and why? If I have the time and money to always travel, then it would have to be Paris. I studied in France for a few months back in college and I just fell in love with the city. It has an old world charm that’s incomparable to any other city.