chicBuds ARTS Series: first-ever printed earbuds cords!

chicBuds ARTS Series: first-ever printed earbuds cords!

chicBuds, the company known for such problem-solving products as retractable earphones and pocket speakers, has broken the traditional cord mold with the chicBuds ARTS Series. They are the first ever to dream up this new innovative design & technology. Gone are the days of the blasé black or white earbuds cords… Say HELLO to chicBuds ARTS, the first-ever printed earbuds cords to match any style. THEY ARE THE FIRST COMPANY TO EVER ACHIEVE THE TASK OF PRINTING ON CORDS SUCCESSFULLY!

And as an added bonus and functionality, keeping in line with the company’s motto of FASHION + FUNCTION, the cords are made from a slippery material that allows them to slide apart rather than cling together, and keeps them from become knotted. Toss them into bags or purses and stop worrying about what will happen when it’s time to pull them out.

The first three styles they’ll be launching in January are for those with a sense of adventure! Choose from exotic Zebra, Pink Leopard, or Blue Graffiti motifs and say goodbye to the boring audio blues.

chicBuds’ ARTS Series cords are truly pioneers when it comes to ease of use. Imagine a world with no more tiny cylinder cords twisting and sticking together, no more grumpy outbursts when it takes five minutes to undo the kinks, and best of all, no more boring black or white cords clashing with the day’s ensemble. Thanks to their slim physique, those cravings for a way to just plug-in and go are being fulfilled at last.


Product Name: chicBuds ARTS

Price: $29.99

Colors Available: Pink Leopard, Zebra Stripes, & Blue Graffiti

Where to buy:

When: Product set to launch January 2012