chicBuds help every girl’s unique personality shine

chicBuds help every girl’s unique personality shine; with tangle-free cords, sparkly decorations perfect for your backpack or keys, and top-notch audio technology.
“Music is the sound of memories; it is our hopes, our dreams, and the future,” said chicBuds co-founder Kailynn Bowling when reminiscing about their inspiration for chic gear. chicBuds Arts (pictured left with Columbiana & The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg) are the first of their kind with designer printed cords and three gel tip sizes for customized comfort in Blue Graffiti, Zebra Stripes and Pink Leopard prints that inspire girls to dream.
Fauvette Gold Edition Earbuds with a microphone for superb audio output and crystal clear listening are no doubt the latest back to school essential for girls of all ages. Both fashionable and safe, they double as a hands-free device with your cell phone and come with three customized gel tip sizes in the trendy Aqua Gold or Pink Gold styles.
Always wasting precious moments searching for and untangling those boring black and white cords? Fauvette Inner Ear Retractable Earphones have come to the rescue! Not only are they adorned with lavish crystals, but the built-in re-tractor allows the cords to expand and retract to 5 impressive stopping points and lengths. Just a quick clip stops your Pink Leopard or Blue Zebra cords from bouncing around in your bag!
We all know sharing is caring, and with the Fauvette Platinum Edition portable bird speaker (pictured right with actress Bella King, seen in Red Riding Hood, American Girls, & more) that fits in the palm of your hand, you can play your favorite jams through the 2-watt amplified speaker for 4 hours with just one re-chargeable battery. Crystallized fashionable elegance in Black, Pink or Gold Crystal Platinum compatible with iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, Computers or basically any listening device. You simply can’t go wrong!
Girls these days are doing more than ever with to-do list’s that just keep growing. chicBuds offers a trendy, portable product that can add spice to any girls back-to-school repertoire. The founders can relate. They started with a big dream of fashion yet functional electronics and made it big in the electronics sector and they continue to share their passion for fashion, function and empowering women every day.