Introducing Clutchette Power! The bag that charges your phone!

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The Bag That Charges Your Phone!

A smart and beautiful girl like you deserves technology that can keep up!  Take charge of your battery life, and do it with style and sense with Clutchette Power—the fashion clutch with a built-in phone charger.

With Clutchette Power by Chic Buds, phone charging convenience is in the bag…literally! Inside each Clutchette is a lightweight, ultrathin battery to recharge smart phones and USB devices on-the-go.  So light it’s practically undetectable! Featuring built-in USB cords for an easy charging of both phone and Clutchette, it’s always ready for a charging emergency and provides most smart phones with a full charge. Plus, with its chic design and room for keys, lip gloss, and other essentials, Clutchette Power is the secret weapon every modern Wonder Woman needs to charge through the day on full power.

Dedicated to products inspired by and designed for real women, Chic Buds knows the importance of combining fashion with function. With so many others offering pretty, but lacking purpose, Chic Buds is changing the way the tech world serves women by bringing them quality tech accessories that not only look great, but fit into their busy lives seamlessly.  Their latest innovation—the Clutchette Power—is no exception.