This Valentine’s Day, Charge Up the Romance (and your phone)!

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 11.12.07 AMThe Power of Love might be running on all bars this Valentine’ Day, but cell phones usually aren’t. Give your special someone the gift of convenient charging power wherever she goes with Chic Buds’ Clutchette Power and Slim Power—chic and portable charging accessories designed just for women!

Dedicated to products inspired by and designed for real women, Chic Buds knows the importance of combining fashion with function. With so many

other options offering pretty, but lacking purpose, Chic Buds is changing the way the Tech World serves women by bringing them quality tech accessories that not only look great, but fit into their busy lives seamlessly—something any woman can fall in love with!

Surprise your Valentine with the gift of style and convenience. With Clutchette Power, convenient phone charging power is always at hand and concealed in a sophisticated clutch. Featuring a lightweight, ultrathin battery to recharge smart phones and USB devices on-the-go, it’s the modern woman’s go-to for fashion and function. So light it’s practically undetectable, and equipped with built-in USB cords for easy charging of both phone and Clutchette, it’s always ready for a charging emergency and provides most smart phones with a full charge for double the battery life. Rocking new modern colors for 2015, stylish enough to be carried alone and small enough to throw into a bigger purse or bag, Clutchette Power stores and conceals phones, cords, lip gloss, battery and other essentials in one pretty pouch.

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 11.12.40 AM

Don’t let your favorite lady get stranded without a charged phone! Slim Power by Chic Buds offers a sleek, dependable and fashionable way to have charging power at your fingertips in any situation. Lightweight, and less than 1⁄4 of an inch thick, Slim Power is similar in size and shape to a standard credit card and easily fits into any purse, wallet, pocket, or clutch for ultra-portability without added bulk. Perfect for professional women on the go, busy moms, and active tweens, Slim Power is a stylish and affordable alternative to more traditional bulky options.

“We are very excited to expand the Slim Power line this Spring by introducing 10 adorable designs. We are thrilled to give women more choice and personality when it comes to their much needed power banks. Power is definitely the must have accessory of the season.” Said Chic Buds President Christine Burke when asked about the new collection.

In 2005, the founders of Chic Buds recognized a need in the market for technology accessories created specifically for women and Chic Buds was born. Today, Chic Buds, a division of FxA LLC and still located in Southern California, continues to be a company of women developing fashionable and practical tech accessories for women.

Dedicated to products that are specifically and intentionally designed to meet the exclusive needs of women and girls, Chic Buds’ goal is to encourage and empower women around the world to work hard, follow their dreams, keep their heart on the right path and of course delight in their own personal style!