Workout Essentials!


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Time to get our fitness on!

Here are some of our Fashionable yet Functional Workout Essentials:

Hair Ties: Don’t be that girl with her hair down at the gym, if you are getting your sweat on, the ‘do needs to be up!

Tank: Whether you are at the gym. in hot yoga, or outside (as temps start to rise), a cute airy tank is the perfect workout top. Plus, this one claims to be UNSTINKABLE! Not that we stink or anything…

Shorts: Lightweight, stretchy, cute… perfection!

Earbuds: “Pump Up” Music is ESSENTIAL for our workouts. Our Donatella LuvBuds are eye catching, come with multiple sized gel tips for comfort for all, and with the tangle-free flat cords, you can just toss them in your gym bag when you are done!

Workout Towel: Super absorbant yet small. Be polite and keep your sweat to yourself.

Shoes: These puppies look great and feel great! We love how we can barely feel them on and yet how supportive they are!

Not pictured: AWESOME playlist! What are some of your favorite workout tunes to get you fired up?