Wrap Yourself in Amazing Sound (Minus the Tangled Mess) with Luv Buds!

Stylish and tangle-free earbuds designed just for women

LuvBuds_launch_fb cover

Style and Sound collide in the first flat-cord earbuds designed especially for women.  Put the frustrating days of pulling a tangled knotted mess of earbud cord from your purse behind you with Luv Buds from Chic Buds!

Luv Buds are amazingly stylish and tangle-free earbuds that not only look great, but deliver quality mega sound! Super chic and easy to store, Luv Buds are perfect for women and girls of all ages and make a great gift for the office,  hands free talking in the car, soccer field, dorm room and more. Unlike traditional earbud cords, Luv Buds’ flat cord prevents knotting and tangling in even the deepest of purse pockets. Plus, the sleek flat design allows for fashionable patterns and trendy looks that traditional rounded cords just can’t keep up with.  Designed by women for women, Luv Buds combine fashion and function to deliver personal expression and quality tech.

Need to make a quick call on-the-go?  What busy mom or active professional doesn’t?  Luv Buds’ built-in microphone and easy-to-access control button make hands-free calling a breeze, and with 5 charming new designs, make it fashionable too.  Not only do Luv Buds provide unique style, but also affordable price.  At just $14.99 each, they are ideal for young girls who tend to lose things and perfect for fashionistas that need a pair to match every outfit. And with 3 sizes of noise-isolating ear tips included that specifically designed to fit female ears, Luv Buds offers a precise fit for women and girls alike.

In 2005, the founders of Chic Buds, Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling, recognized a need in the market for technology accessories created specifically for women and Chic Buds was born.  Today, Chic Buds, a division of FxA LLC and still located in Southern California, continues to be a company of women developing fashionable and practical tech accessories for women.

Dedicated to products that are specifically and intentionally designed to meet the exclusive needs of women and girls, Chic Buds’ goal is to encourage and empower women around the world to work hard, follow their dreams, keep their heart on the right path and of course delight in their own personal style!