Xander Vintage

Our featured blog of the week is Xander Vintage, run by the awesome Alanna D.!


Since we love the beautiful items Alanna posts about on her website, we got in touch to find out a bit more about her.

What’s your favorite band? Currently, I can’t get enough of Active Child!

Why did you start a blog? I opened an online vintage clothing store, and started a blog to showcase certain items from the store. My blog then slowly transformed into a personal style blog.

Who is your Sheroe? In terms of fashion, The Olsens. I’ve heard someone describe their style as “dumpster chic”, which is awesome and right on point. They do no wrong.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Pastels! Lately, I find myself gravitating towards anything of that nature.

Favorite designer and why? Alexander McQueen. I covet each article of clothing. Every ensemble is comprehensive and theatrical–a true piece of art.

Favorite artist? Deptford Goth. His sound is irresistible.

Favorite city and why? Dubrovnik. I’m part Croatian, and I go back quite often! It’s like a second home to me.